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My Story


I’m Jenny, and I am a Learning Coach. I look for underlying weaknesses in the brain and offer brain training exercises and programs to improve those areas.

Many parents who come to me for support have been on a difficult journey. Their child may be struggling at school, have a visual or auditory processing disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or dyslexia .

Their child or teen may have difficulties with learning and focus or have found it hard to participate in sport at the level they want to. This can lead to low self-esteem, leaving them and their families feeling upset and frustrated. 

Brain Agility, Jenny Cameron, children, bayside, therapy
Brain Agility, Jenny Cameron, children, bayside, therapy

Some parents may not have a diagnosis for their child, nor do they need one.  My goal is to find solutions rather than a label. In other cases, parents are interested to learn more about natural therapies rather than choosing the option of medication. 

No matter what learning and movement issues your child is overcoming, I will do my best to offer the support they need.

I understand these difficulties as I have tread that same path, as a close family member had significant learning and motor difficulties for several years. We conducted a lot of research and participated in numerous therapies from around the world, experiencing incredible results from using the Interactive Metronome® program.  We saw significantly improved learning at school, higher grades in NAPLAN results and enhanced physical coordination.

Teachers and therapists were amazed by the outcomes, but equally as important, our family witnessed the development of strength, resilience, renewed confidence, positivity, and happiness.

My passion grew and I trained with Interactive Metronome® as a practitioner and made the career change from CPA Accountant to Learning Coach!  I have trained in additional therapies and programs considered highly beneficial in mapping new and improved brain pathways.

Together, we can pave the way and create positive roads ahead for our loved ones.

Best Wishes,


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